Cryogenic storages


CMP Arles manufactures cryogenic tanks with flat bottom FBT with volumes greater than 450m3.

Since 2002, CMP Arles designs and prefabricates large volume (>450m3) flat-bottom cryogenic tanks (FBT) for the low-pressure (0.5 barg) storage of liquefied gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Ethylene).

CMP Arles may also proceed with the on-site installation and commissioning of these cryogenic storage tanks.

The insulation of these tanks is achieved by means of a double wall to maintain the insulating material (expanded perlite, cellular glass, etc.). All our tanks are designed to meet all the requirements of our customers (local regulations, international standards, customer’s specifications).

Cryogenic storages


CMP Arles realizes cryogenic tanks isolated under vacuum of large dimensions for the storage of liquefied gases (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen).

CMP Arles realizes cryogenic tanks isolated under vacuum whose dimensions and technical characteristics demanded by our customers are out of the ordinary (large volumes, high pressures, etc.).